Starting in the autumn, in the use of New breath test to detect cancer in seven minutes

The early detection of cancer is essential, because the earlier the disease is discovered, the higher the healing are usually opportunities. Now, the National Health Service in the UK has announced that it is to test from the fall of a device, in practice, the lung cancer breath test to detect.

The breath test works with artificial intelligence and to search for chemical molecules, which are formed in the body of cancer patients, such as the British newspaper "Metro" reported.

The Test is supposed to work: A Minute a Patient via the mouth needs to breath and piece. Then the device sends the collected information to a Supercomputer that sends back the diagnosis within seven minutes.

More than 400 different diseases with a breath, to diagnose

The new Test should be more sensitive than the former, says the report. Glyn Hiatt-Gipson of the Ancon Medical technology research to "Metro" says: "My Vision is that within ten years, patients in this mouthpiece can breathe, and Doctors can diagnose with the help of this a Breath more than 400 different diseases."

Starting in autumn, breath test in the two English and two American hospitals should be in use. If the Tests go well, could he be in two years available on the market.

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