So, get rid of your hiccups again

Hicks, hicks, hicks – hiccups may sound funny, but can be quite annoying. Most people want to get rid of the hiccups as quickly as possible. Fortunately, an attack usually lasts only a few minutes long. “Hiccup everyone knows,” says the respiratory therapist, Veronika Langguth.

Many people do not know how the hiccups, which is referred to with the term as hiccups, is formed. “It is triggered when the phrenic nerve is irritated,” says the expert. This is the Nervus Phrenicus. It seizes up then, involuntarily, which is why you can make the hiccups even not willfully control.

Most of the triggers for hiccups are harmless

The diaphragm runs between the chest and abdominal cavity and is the largest breathing muscle. When Inhaled, it expands to the bottom. It is tense when it hiccups, also a reflex of deep inhalation. “The means, however, that the glottis, in a flash closes and the air flow hits against it,” says Langguth. As a result, the hiccup with his typical Hicksen arises. (Also interesting: This may happen when you Sneeze, suppress)

Reasons for the irritation of the nerve at the diaphragm there is a lot of. “Most of the triggers are harmless,” says the expert. Among the classics, hasty eating, and very cold or very hot foods and beverages. Also spicy food can cause a hiccup. “Ultimately, anything that irritates the stomach can lead to hiccups.” This includes drinks with carbonic acid. Who swallows when Speaking of air, you can also get hiccups. “Quite typical of the hiccups after the consumption of alcohol is also, as you know it from cartoons,” says the expert. (Read also: This really helps in the case of a gastro-intestinal infection)

That usually helps well against the Hicksen

Hiccups can be caused also psychologically. “He is, for example, in the case of Stress or excitement,” says the respiratory therapist. Even if you are scared, tense may the diaphragm and causes the Hickser.

So what would help now against the hiccups? “A good strategy is to distract yourself,” says Langguth. This can be the classic: ten bald men think or ask yourself what you actually ate on the previous day for Breakfast. By Scare, you can get rid of sometimes a hiccup. “If one tries, however, the hiccups to suppress not solve the tension, but rather to ensure that it lasts longer.” (This helps against the smell of garlic)

Certain breathing methods can also help to stop the annoying Hicksen. “It helps to pant, for example, or to sniff,” says the expert. Panting works best when you’re alone. “Sniff is fairly unobtrusive, you can do this also once in a Taxi or in the office.” Moreover, it can relax the diaphragm, when it sticks out its tongue. “The most beautiful way to stop a hiccup, it is to kiss someone,” advises the expert.

What if the hiccup lasts longer?

So harmless a hiccup, in most cases, also, he may have also once serious causes. Therefore, you should go to the doctor if it lasts longer than a day. “Even if you suffer regularly twice a week, or more frequently under hiccup, you should leave the check,” says the respiratory therapist. (The smell of the mouth: 5 surprising causes of bad breath)

Among the organic causes, which you should exclude, for example, Abscesses and inflammation in the abdominal cavity. Even if the Central nervous system is disturbed, it can cause hiccups. “This can have serious causes, such as bleeding in the brain,” says the expert. But don’t worry: In the vast majority of cases, hiccups may be annoying, but otherwise a very harmless. (Hence the bloating comes and he disappears again)

The longest hiccups lasted 69 years

In some cases, even for intractable hiccups no cause found. The American Charles Osborne is said to have suffered for 69 years of his life in a penetrating hiccups, for no reason could be found. Has not harmed his health – he was still 93 years old.

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