Sir Tom Jones can only do ‘about four songs without sitting’

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Currently touring around America and Canada, alongside starring in season 11 of The Voice UK, Sir Tom Jones doesn’t force himself to stand up on his two feet for the duration of his concerts. The It’s Not Unusual singer stated: “I can do about four songs without sitting.” In the interview, the father-of-two – to Jonathan Berkery (34) and Mark Woodward (65) – said he performs on a stool “to take the weight off this leg”.

“I’m just biding my time until I can get in there to get a new hip,” he revealed to the Daily Mail.

In 2017, the musician had his first hip operation following constant pain, which he told The Mirror he simply “couldn’t get rid of”.

Described as a “dull ache”, a scan illuminated that his cartilage had “gone” in his left hip.

“The bones [were] just crunching together,” Sir Tom Jones elaborated.

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Hip replacement surgery

The NHS says that hip replacements are typically performed on people between the ages of 60 to 80.

“A modern artificial hip joint is designed to last for at least 15 years,” the health body points out.

Sir Tom Jones may have had his left hip replaced, but it’s now his right side that is hurting.

The most common reason for a hip replacement, according to the NHS, is osteoarthritis.

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Considered to be “major surgery”, a hip replacement is only considered if a person is in “severe pain” and “mobility is reduced”.

Not a fan of painkillers, Sir Tom Jones reportedly prefers inversion therapy, which involves being strapped to a table and turned upside down.

Doctor Tyler Wheeler noted that inversion therapy, also known as spinal traction, supposedly helps to ease the pressure of gravity on the nerves and disks in the spine.

However, the evidence is “mixed” as to whether or not inversion therapy is an effective treatment for pain.

Rumour has it, however, that the Welsh singer has a contraption for inversion therapy backstage when he is on tour.

In the lead-up to his second hip replacement, the NHS advises anybody in a similar position to “stay as active as you can”.

The NHS continues: “Strengthening the muscles around your hip will help your recovery.

“If you can, continue to do gentle exercise, such as walking and swimming, in the weeks and months before your operation.”

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When Sir Tom Jones does undergo another hip replacement, his recovery time is unpredictable.

While most people stay in hospital for up to five days following surgery, “everyone recovers differently”.

It could take months before Sir Tom Jones is able to return to “light activities”.

For now, though, you can catch the star on ITV’s The Voice UK, on Saturday, September 10 at 8pm.

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