Popeye's Is Bringing Back Its Hot Honey Crunch Chicken Tenders

After nearly two years without Popeyes’ Hot Honey Crunch Tenders, THEY. ARE. BACK. On Wednesday, the fried chicken chain announced their limited-edition return.

Beginning today (YEP!), the sweet and spicy tenders are available on menus nationwide. But here’s the real kicker: You can get three of the handcrafted Hot Honey tenders, choice of side, a Buttermilk Biscuit, AND more sauce for just $5.

So how are the crispy, flavor-filled tenders made? According to Popeyes, the chicken is marinated in authentic Louisiana seasoning, hand-battered and breaded with a “southern-style” coating, and drizzled with their signature sweet & spicy Red Hot Honey Sauce. For the final touch, they are sprinkled with Hot Honey Dust. Not entirely sure what that is, but I do know that it’s good.

Naturally, customers are thrilled over their return and wondering how we all went two years without ’em. “Popeyes red hot honey sauce and chicken tendies gonna be the reason i’m outta shape this summer,” one user wrote on Twitter. “Honey hot tenders………you have my attention @popeyes,” another added. May I say, both comments are entirely relatable.

Here are more reactions:

hot honey tenders from Popeyes straight smooooke 🥴

Hot honey sauce is back at Popeyes. This is not a drill!

I want Popeyes again 😭 those hot honey tenders so good.

It’s unclear how long the Hot Honey Crunch Tenders are sticking around, but I’m gonna need to hit a Popeyes ASAP. When the brand debuted the chicken back in 2017, they exited menus just one week later.

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