New Pepsi Flavors Are Here Just in Time for Summer

Things are heating up around the country, and just in time for the dog days of summer Pepsi has announced that they’re releasing a new line of flavored colas. Each flavor is made with a splash of real fruit juice for flavor (unlike their other flavors), and although they’re only here for a limited time, if they’re popular enough who knows which ones might make a comeback or end up sticking around.

Pepsi’s first flavored colas were Wild Cherry (1988) and Vanilla (2003). Now, they’re expanding their offerings to include Pepsi Berry, Pepsi Lime, and Pepsi Mango. Unlike previous iterations (Pepsi Raging Razberry, Pepsi Strawberry Burst, an international version of Pepsi Lime, and Paradise Mango Pepsi Next), these colas are flavored with 1% real fruit juice, which also sets them apart from similar products (like Diet Coke) that simply use “natural flavors.” Of course, these new Pepsi beverages contain natural flavors in addition to the juice, but that just ensures the best taste, right?

If I’m being honest though, the only flavor here that seems like it will work is Pepsi Lime. A sweet cola needs a hint of acidity, and berry and mango just seem too sweet to work with the drink’s existing flavor profile. Then again, there are people who drink Orange Vanilla Coke and seem to think it’s delicious, so maybe that’s just me.

It’s also disappointing that the drinks don’t come in diet versions. I’d gladly slurp down a soda with a couple of extra calories from fruit juice, but when you combine that with the 41 grams of sugar already found in a can of regular Pepsi and it’s a bit much. Worth tasting, sure, but it probably won’t become a regular staple in my fridge — seltzer with a squeeze of lime will do most days.

If you’re intrigued and want to give the new varieties a try, you have until June 14th. Find them now at national retailers in 12-ounce cans, perfect for stashing in your cooler on your next beach day.

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