Mom Calls Out Air Canada for Telling Her to Breastfeed in the Airplane Bathroom

The mom of an infant son is calling out Air Canada for instructing her to breastfeed in the airplane bathroom on a flight.

Stephanie VandenBerg tweeted that she had contacted the airline’s customer service to prepare for her flight with her baby, and was shocked when a representative advised her to breastfeed in the lavatory.

She tweeted her frustration on March 4.

“Dear @AirCanada: It is never okay to recommend a woman breastfeed her infant in an airplane lavatory. Nor would I like to be referred to your medical line to discuss this further,” she wrote. “If you would like to eat your dinner there, by all means, but my infant son will not be joining you.”

VandenBerg also tweeted Air Canada’s breastfeeding policy, which is readily accessible on their website.

“@AirCanada Breastfeeding policy: ‘We’re also happy to support breastfeeding on board our aircraft, whenever safety permits,’ ” she tweeted, and added “…in the lavatory.”

A representative from Air Canada responded to VandenBerg’s tweet, telling her, “we can confirm we support breastfeeding onboard our aircraft and you are welcome to nurse your baby wherever you feel comfortable onboard.”

“Thank you Max. To clarify, this was a telephone conversation with an Air Canada Representative to arrange flying with an infant. I have reached out to Air Canada on multiple fronts (direct through website, Facebook direct message and Twitter DM) and am waiting to be contacted.”

Air Canada confirmed that policy again to PEOPLE, and said that the initial representative incorrectly told VandenBerg to breastfeed in the bathroom.

“The customer spoke to a Call Centre agent who was fairly new and was not aware of our policy; we have since reminded all Call Centre employees of it,” they said.

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