Living in an almshouse boosts life expectancy, UK report finds

Living in an almshouse boosts life expectancy, study finds

  • Residents in almshouses in England receive a longevity boost relative to people of the same socioeconomic group from the wider population.
  • The best-performing almshouses in the study so far have shown a longevity boost which increases life expectancy to that of a life in the second-highest socioeconomic quintile—a remarkable outcome.
  • As an example, the authors estimate that a 73-year-old male entering an almshouse such as The Charterhouse today would receive a longevity boost of 2.4 years (an extra 15% of future lifetime at the point of joining) compared to his peers from the same socioeconomic group, and 0.7 years when compared to an average 73-year-old from the general population.
  • This longevity boost could be due to both the strong sense of community and social belonging within almshouses which lead to better physical and mental health. Enhanced well-being helps to mitigate loneliness which is endemic in older age groups.

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