Kelly Ripa's Nutritionist Explains Why Her 'Biological Age' Is Really 35

  • Kelly Ripa, 49, discovered her biological age is 35 from the Epigenetic Aging and Stress test.
  • Her personal nutritionist explained that her fitness routine and diet help keep her youthful and energized.
  • Kelly prioritizing working out and follows a plant-based, alkaline diet.

Based on the candles on her last birthday cake, Kelly Ripa is 49 years old. However, there is a lot of convincing photographic evidence that she’s defying aging. And that’s not the only proof. The Live With Kelly And Ryan host recently took the Epigenetic Aging and Stress test and discovered her biological age is 35. That shaves a full 14 years off. But wait, is that really possible?

Well, Kelly’s personal nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre shared exactly what that number means. “The Epigenetic test is basically a state-of-the-art technology that measures how your brain and nervous system are functioning, because ultimately that is what controls and coordinates your entire health,” Gioffre told People.

“It measures how you eat, how you think, how you move your body, how you handle stress,” he continued. “It looks at your energy index…Kelly had one of the highest numbers I’ve ever seen.”

Gioffre also explained how the talk show host is still living in her 30s. For one, she prioritizes fitness. Kelly’s routine includes running, SoulCycle classes, and the AKT method’s cardio-strength classes. She has trained for years with AKT’s founder Anna Kaiser, and Kelly has the ripped arms to prove it.

Kelly’s diet also helps her defy the aging process. Gioffre, who founded the alkaline wellness plan Alkamind and wrote Get Off Your Acid, guides her on a plant-based, alkaline diet.

“She lives 80/20, so 80 percent of the food she puts into her body are alkaline to the body,” Gioffre told the publication. “Things like dark green leafy vegetables, lots of salads, lots of soups, lots of smoothies.”

That’s not all. Kelly also takes anti-inflammatory supplements, including Omega 3 fish oil, black cumin seed oil, and turmeric. Plus, she drinks Alkamind Daily Greens every morning and Alkamind Daily Minerals during her workouts.

“Why is she so energetic and smiling? Because health equals energy,” Gioffre told the publication. “She works as hard on her health as she does on the show… she probably [works] harder than anyone I know.”

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