Katie McGlynn health: ‘You’re not invincible’ Coronation Street star’s health fears

Katie McGlynn, 26, who’s played Sinead Tinker in ITV soap Coronation Street since 2013, was involved in a heartbreaking cancer storyline which saw her character discover she had cervical cancer while being pregnant with her first child. In July, Sinead was given the all-clear, but the show has now confirmed she will soon receive a terminal diagnosis after having another scan. The cancer storyline appeared to have a lasting effect on Katie early this year, as she revealed it prompted her to book in for her own smear test.

When we started the storyline, I checked I’d had a smear done and then I was worrying about it

Katie McGlynn

While researching for the role, Katie said she was shocked to learn of the statistics, with Cancer Research UK reporting an average of 854 deaths a year from cervical cancer.

She said: “When we started the storyline, I checked I’d had a smear done and then I was worrying about it.

“It makes you realise you’re not invincible,” she told OK! Magazine.

Katie adds: “The figures are mental. Two women a day are diagnosed in or around pregnancy.”

Symptoms of cervical cancer

The symptoms of cervical cancer are not always obvious, says the NHS, and it may not cause any until it’s reach more advanced stages.

But the first noticeable symptom, in most cases, is abnormal vaginal bleeding.

The health body says this include bleeding:

  • During or after sex
  • between your periods
  • After you have been through the menopause

Other symptoms can include pain and discomfort during sex, unusual or unpleasant vaginal discharge, and pain in your lower back or pelvis.

Screening for cervical cancer

The NHS runs a cervical screening programme in the UK and it’s offered to all women aged between 25 and 64, every three or five years depending on age.

As long as you’re registered with a GP, you’ll be invited to have a smear test.

Bupa explains: “Yoi’ll be invited to have a smear test once every three years.

“Once you reach 50, this will become once every five years.

“You don’t have to have a smear test at your GP surgery. You can also have one at a family planning or sexual health clinic, for example, or at a private clinic.”

If you’re yet to have a smear test and you fell into the age bracket, make an appointment at your GP surgery, family planning or sexual health clinic.

If you experience any of the symptoms of cervical cancer you should see your GP.

Another Coronation Street star who’s spoken about their health in the past is Rob Mallard. 

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