Jordana Beck Has Been Through 8 Rounds Of Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer—At 8 Months Pregnant

  • At 11 weeks pregnant, Jordana Beck found out that she had stage II breast cancer, per a new interview with TODAY.
  • Doctors confirmed that is was safe for her to carry and have the baby while still undergoing cancer treatment.
  • She shared her story Friday morning on TODAY, saying that “it was news no one wants to hear.”

Pregnancy has its fair share of challenges, but for one woman, it became even more challenging when she was diagnosed with cancer while carrying her unborn son.

At just 11 weeks pregnant with her second child, Jordana Beck was diagnosed with breast cancer. Beck, 32, sat down with her husband and father-in-law on TODAY this morning to share her story.

Beck said she got the call confirming her stage II breast cancer diagnosis in September 2018 after she felt a lump in her breast. The news made both her and her husband “collapse to the ground.”

“I have always been really healthy,” she said in this morning’s interview. “I exercise, I eat well, I’m proactive if anything ever feels wrong. We heard the news no one wants to hear.”

Beck discovered she had two tumors in her breast—both of which were triple-negative, “which is the aggressive form of breast cancer,” she said. And Beck and her husband didn’t waste any time going into treatment for her cancer.

At 13 weeks—going into her second trimester of pregnancy—Beck, who’s also the daughter-in-law of WNBC sports anchor Bruce Beck, underwent a single mastectomy after getting the all-clear from her physician that doing so would be safe for their unborn son. “When I woke up from that surgery and came out of the anesthesia, his heartbeat was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.”

“We call this baby our little warrior,” Beck said. “He has been through a really big surgery, a and now eight rounds of chemotherapy before even taking a breath on earth.”

I will be one more to beat breast cancer.

Now, at eight months pregnant with just weeks left until her baby’s arrival, Beck says it’s the support of her family that’s gotten her through even some of her darkest days. “It’s definitely is not easy. I wake up every single morning thinking about our little warrior,” she said. “There’s something about being a mother—you take it one day at a time. You power through. I really look to the family unit to get through this every single day.”

Beck and her family are extremely optimistic about the outcome of her cancer journey—she even created an Instagram page to show other women going through similar journeys that they’re not alone. “One in eight women develop breast cancer,” she wrote. “I will be one more to beat breast cancer.”

today was surreal – sharing my story with the world on the @todayshow . if opening up can help even one person, battling anything, than I know my reason for sharing. remember the mind is your most powerful tool and a positive attitude can help get you through the most difficult of times. we are in this together and together we will beat this #jordystrong

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Beck’s strength is undeniable—and her optimism and positive attitude throughout her cancer diagnosis and treatment is beyond inspiring. But she said it best on Instagram: “the mind is your most powerful tool and a positive attitude can help get you through the most difficult of times.”

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