Jens Spahn gives tips on cancer prevention and reaps criticism

According to a Tweet on the topic of cancer, Federal health Minister Jens Spahn pitched against a wave of indignation and criticism. Actually, of the 38 wanted to give-Year-old only tips for cancer prevention, but many Social Media users perceived the post as disrespectful.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Germany, an omnipresent topic in the German public health policy. A topic that obviously a lot of tact is required. I missed the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, however, criticize Twitter User.

This was on the occasion of world cancer day advice on how people should live, to fall ill to even cancer. Who do not smoke, moving to a healthy diet and like sun cream orders to say to the cancer fight, so Spahn. But it’s so easy not to criticize Twitter User.

Cancer is a complex disease that exists in many types and sizes, and often completely surprising appearance. Science knows a certain amount of triggers that can lead to cancer, however, often physicians, too, puzzles are when it comes to tumors. “Cancer can affect anyone and it is a slap in the face for children, the sufferers of cancer, never users, who reacted to Tuesday morning at Spahns Tweet smoked and well-nourished”, so only one of the over 1,300 Twitter.

Michael Mronz, the widower of the leukaemia deaths, Guido Westerwelle, held a Tweet of criticism of Spahns.

Contributions of the cancer patients make the difficult issues more clearly. A Users, for example, writes Smoking: “never. The course at least every day. an hour. Eat well-balanced to me. Nevertheless, I have leukemia. Something I been doing wrong“.


Other doubt Spahns skills as a Minister of health – after all, the 38-Year-old have not studied medicine.

The politician responded on Tuesday to the outrage of many Twitter Users and said in a further post: "I’m sorry if my Tweet was misleading. Nothing is more distant to me than to give the Patients complicity or to trivialize cancer. On the contrary, We should try to reduce due to more prevention, earlier, earlier detection, better therapies, a heavy burden of sorrow."