Interval-Sleep like Cristiano Ronaldo? How everyone benefits from the 90-minute cycles

Sleeping in intervals to increase efficiency, says sleep Coach Nick Littlehales. Like his unconventional sleep pattern looks like, how everyone could benefit from it, and sleep disorders this is over, you will learn to FOCUS Online.

A company in the jet lag, the constant lack of sleep, and thus chronically overtired – a description of the Nations, meets the condition of most people in the industry. Studies show that we sleep on average two hours less per night than the Generation of our grandparents in the 50s, and sleep disorders are on the increase. The answer to the sleep problems could be sleep therefore: more.

However, this requirement does not reflect reality. How to make it about the single mother, to sleep longer, the millions of shift workers, the Doctors, and not least the many who are constantly on the move professionally and from one time zone to the other trips? The are about the Manager, but also top athletes. Not only for the British sleep coach Nick Littlehales has developed a concept that follows the natural sleep rhythm, and that he, in his guide “Sleep. Sleep like the pros“ has been published.

Numerous world-class athletes like Christiano Ronaldo, player of the English football clubs (his first clients were Manchester United), British Cycling clubs, some formula 1 Teams and many top managers of the bedroom has coached-the coach is already successful.

Sleep strategy "R90 Sleep Recovery Program"

He calls his sleep strategy "R90 Sleep Recovery Program" and promises that can be made from short periods of sleep for maximum recovery, both mentally and physically to get out. It is based on the realization that sleep is naturally made up of several phases, which are irreplaceable, so that the body performs the major regeneration programmes:

  • Non-REM stage 1 (doze off)
  • Non-REM stage 2 (light sleep)
  • Non-REM stage 3 and 4 (deep sleep)

Thus, all four phases, it will take around 90 minutes. Studies in the sleep laboratory have shown that the majority of people Wake up after an average of 90 minutes, depending on something lie awake longer and fall asleep again. You will be awakened prior to the end of one of these cycles, the recovery by the way.

The Concept Of Sleep Strategy R90

For these reasons, the sleep-Couch as the basic unit for the program, 90 elected-minute cycles. Depending on the individual need for sleep – Margaret Thatcher is supposed to be coming up with only five hours of sleep, tennis legend Roger Federer will need ten hours – Nick Littlehales to select the number of sleep cycles and, accordingly, his sleeping plan.

An example: For many people, about five sleep cycles of 90 minutes is ideal. This does not mean, however, that you should go out every night at eleven to bed and the alarm for half-seven. Depending on the circumstances and requirements, the cycles can be split, so at night, three, in the late morning and early evening, once again, take a rest break.

And even if sometimes not the desired five cycles will be achieved: more Important is that the total number of sections for a week, so five times seven days, is equal to 35. Therefore, it is useful to keep a sleep diary and a daily basis, the number of cycles to be entered. And: Eight hours of sleep and also doesn’t have to be.

In addition, the stages of sleep correspond to the personal’s Circadian rhythm, the inner clock. This can be seen by observing yourself when you are powerful and when you need more rest. Align your stages of sleep as possible thereafter.

Sleeping in cycles – scientific Background

Interval-Sleep might be each more sensible than the usually recommended eight hours at a stretch to be observed. Sleeping in cycles, however, is not a new invention. The so-called polyphasiche sleep, so polyphasic sleep, is a long-known, fixed-term.

So evolution researchers about the fact that our ancestors slept in the Paleolithic period in several phases. And in the middle ages, the pre-industrial society, sleeping people, usually in two blocks of approximately four hours, as sleep researchers have found out. In the approximately one-hour sleep break was eaten with the family, talked, prayed, or “sleep”. Of agonizing Back-and-Forth-as it is today, the speech was not a Roll, so the Pause was used, according to the need pleasant.

Polyphasic sleep is still normal and natural. Infants sleep during the day in several stages and in hot climates, a Siesta is a sensible habit – even if it is beset by the global requirement to be, at least during the day, always reachable and to work, arg.

However, whether the Littlehales developed R 90-method to scientific examination would stand. However, it is clear that the coached professional athletes and managers may feel stronger and more rested.

Turn off the phone

With a role in the “key indicators for restful sleep” by the sleep coach is acting in the Advisor detailed play safe. Some of them are likely to be people with sleep problems are already known, such as the matching mattress (Nick Littlehales began his career as a marketing Manager in a British group for mattresses), the absence of artificial light, a dark and cool bedroom. In contrast, others are quite new and sure worth a try:

  • You are best to sleep in Embryo position, and on the non-dominant side – as right-handers on the left, Lefty on the right side.
  • In the evening, no blue light, which wakes us up, please. Red and yellow are better, and promoting sleep readiness.
  • You make during the day, take a break from digital devices. This reduces the stress level significantly.
  • Sports before going to sleep the Sleep can hesitate. Exception: a Satisfactory Sex increases sleep readiness.