In spite of illness and loneliness: Generation of SC-90, celebrates hilarious

The 90. Birthday experience only few people in Germany – but there will always be more. On a “T-90”-Party on the mountain road old spray High in front of the joy of life.

The 95-year-old former Schumacher champion spotlights: "Heut' is living in the house. Here I am again a young Bursch'", he says at the beginning of the "Ü-90-Party" in AWO-social centre in the South Hesse, Bensheim, visibly amused. "I am glad that here are so many old people are, because many of them are dead." Around 70 people over the age of 90 plus came to the elderly Celebration on Monday afternoon. You sway and sing to the music of the Duo "Sorgenbrecher", eat cake and drink strawberry punch.

All of the approximately 300 residents over 90 in the town with around 42,000 inhabitants had been written, says city spokesman Matthias Schaider. "The 70 seats were occupied within a day." More space there and the Budget of 500 Euro is also maxed out, explains Andrea Schumacher of the city limit. The first event of this kind in 2014 for the Hessentag was so well received, that since then, every year, repeated once. "For these people, nothing angeboten&quot is;, Schumacher says. And: "If we were to invite the people from the 80, we would have to rent a hall."

"The people remain a bit jung"

What distinguishes the "Ü-90-Party" of a regular old afternoon? "The title made me Laugh gebracht", a 90-year-old retired teacher, came with the car says. "I’m almost never in the same age, but always Younger." Now you can enjoy the unusual round for an hour. "Then I have to go again. I still have a lot to do." Many of the U-90s are on the title with pride and tell their grandchildren and great-grandchildren that you are on a "Ü-90-Party" were, said Schaider.

Age researcher and author Sven Voelpel find the name "Ü-90-Party" also a good one. "So Stereotypes will disappear from the head, and the people remain a bit jung", the business Professor of the Jacobs University in Bremen, the German press Agency said. "By setting, we characterize, how old we are."

Most people over 90 years have suffered from that all the friends had already died. Not only the Partner, the children are often already dead. Also with other people exchange, which would have made it in spite of different life cycles similar experiences, was very helpful, says Voelpel. He is the founding Director of the demography network, and head of the research group WISE, which examines the changes caused by the demographic change.

"The old people also want to haben&quot a bit of entertainment;

More than 57.400 of the total of 6.2 million people in Hessen are older than 90 years, including significantly more women than men. Over 11,000 of Hesse are even at least 95 years old. The Figures from the Statistical office at year-end 2016; newer yet.

Since the 1950s, there are more and more people that are older than 90, such as the Federal Statistical office reported. Although grown in the same period, the population of almost 70 million in the East and the West to approximately 82.5 million people (2016). The proportion of people your 90. Birthday have been celebrated, but showed above-average growth of around 24,800 (1950) to about 749.600 (2016).

"The old people also want to haben&quot a bit of entertainment;, a 90-Year-old who came, in spite of his pain, leg suffering from his apartment into the social center says. "I am very happy that something is going on."

A 94-Year-old is already for the fifth Time since

Loneliness, as studies showed was for the people almost as bad as lack of exercise or poor diet, says Voelpel. "To remain the social interaction and the feeling of being integrated, keep alive and stimulate the brain."

In the case of the "Ü-90-Partys" in Bensheim people had found each other again, who knew from the school and from the eyes of lost, reports Tanja acorn tree from the AWO-social centre. "There are some acquaintances and friendships were made."

A 94-Year-old is already for the fifth Time since: "A new acquaintance I don’t want to." Her husband died six years ago, says the home resident and the mother of a 73-Year-old sad. "We were together for almost 50 years and he was a good man." They come mainly because of the music.

Sway in Sitting, in a wheelchair or on the Walker – the part in Bensheim. "Best of all against the age and for the life of the Tanzen", stresses Voelpel. This is true for endurance, the coordination, the interaction with other people, the music. "One is immediately in the Here and now."