IKEA-furniture-recall: Three baby falls from changing table

Furniture store IKEA warns of unsafe baby changing chest of drawers

The furniture store IKEA recently launched an urgent recall and warns the customer in front of a safety defect that could lead to serious injury. According to the company, can solve the fold-out part of a changing table, if the security hardware is not as described in the manual are attached. IKEA have already been reported three incidents in which children, therefore, from the table.

According to IKEA, it is in the affected product to the baby changing chest of drawers “SUNDVIK”. Apparently, it came with the changing table, to repeated incidents in which the folding part has to Wrap solved and the babies are crashed. According to IKEA, this was, however, an improper or missing mounting of the safety fittings. For safety reasons and as a precautionary measure, the furniture store calls back the article in question yet.

Sure, with the right build

The company stresses that the chest of drawers is in proper structure and use. “IKEA is convinced that the product is safe in use, if it is used according to the instructions,” writes the furniture in a customer’s information. IKEA is known, the customer used the product daily as a changing table and the enclosed safety fittings in accordance with the instructions used.

IKEA asks customers to control

The furniture house is asking all buyers of the chest of drawers, to check whether the folding part was actually backed up with the safety fittings. “No longer should the hardware be found, you are at IKEA, available for free,” says the company. No proof of purchase or receipt was required. Furthermore, IKEA, the furniture piece asks in the first line for the diaper change to use of small children. If the child does not need to be wrapped, could be folded, the top and fixed, in order to use the changing table as a chest of drawers. (vb)