If your mole looks like, you need to see a doctor – Video

Every year, around 200,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with skin cancer. Age and gender do not play a role. The skin doctor discovered a mole, which is still in cancer early stage, he can remove this without any problems.

A of skin cancer infested mole is distinguished from a harmless. FOCUS Online expert and dermatologist Christoph Liebich points out that there are some signs you can look out for. To apply, quite simply, the ABCDE-rule.

The ABCDE rule can help

A stands for asymmetry: Benign moles are round and symmetrical. Striking asymmetric shape.
B stands for the limit: The limit of a nevus should be sharp. Striking a jagged or irregular boundary, that is, if dark and light skin are transferred flat into each other.
C stands for Color, or color: the Normal is a uniform color. Very ethnically and religiously mixed, or dark moles are considered suspicious.
D is for diameter:the Suspicious are moles that grow to or greater than 5 mm. Melanoma can, however, also be smaller.
E stands for development: Occurs within 6 weeks of a sudden a birthmark, this is a concern.

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Seek a skin doctor who can examine the affected areas.

Generally, people aged 35 years, every two years, a complete body check of moles of the insurance paid.