‘I drank ginger shots everyday for a week and the results really surprised me’

Dietician explains the health benefits of eating ginger root

My friend has sworn by the effects of ginger shots for immunity for years. She first told me about the promising benefits, when we were browsing a local organic store and she picked up a small bottle of the cloudy yellow liquid.

Despite always having poor immunity, I didn’t pay much attention back then because my student budget only allowed for essentials.

But since paychecks replaced my textbooks, I’ve been more wary about not catching anything so I’m fit to go about my life as a working adult.

I wanted to get ahead of the cold and flu season this year and give the small drinks a go before autumn officially arrives on September 23.

However, I would never have guessed just how potent ginger shots could be, despite my friend’s praise.

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Supplied with ginger shots from a Cheshire-based juicery, Remedy on The Park, I religiously drank the small bottles at the same time after my lunch for seven days.

Before I kicked off the week with the first sip of the sweet yet fiery liquid, I spoke to Justin Gasparovic, a life coach and behavioural psychology expert, about the effects I can expect.

Gasparovic told me that the primary ingredient in the drinks – ginger root – is packed with antioxidants, antiviral and antibacterial properties that should make a difference for my immunity, digestion and energy levels.

The expert said: “Ginger shots can potentially be a formidable ally in reinforcing your immune system. By reducing chronic inflammation in our bodies, ginger shots could potentially bolster our defences against seasonal infections and diseases.” And this is something that I can definitely attest to.

On day four of my new ginger shot routine, I started coming down with a cold. The well-known feeling of overwhelming tiredness and strange warmth started taking over my body as the day progressed to the afternoon.

By night time, my throat started to tingle and I went to bed expecting to wake up with a full-blown illness.

The next day, a headache woke me up before the alarm told me it was time to start the work week but to my surprise, my cold wasn’t as bad as I expected.

See, I haven’t been dealt the luckiest hand when it comes to health, having inherited coeliac disease and thalassemia from my mum. A medical cocktail that has meant my immune system has never been up to scratch.

Even mild illnesses like colds usually knock me out for about two weeks, but not this time.

As the day went on, my symptoms weren’t getting any worse and any sense of blocked nose was instantly relieved by my daily dose of ginger that unblocked my sinuses within minutes.

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When day seven replaced day six, I woke up feeling completely fine, thinking that this was most certainly the mildest cold that I have ever experienced.

Another perk I noticed during the week was an instant energy rush after consuming the shots. Something that is likely owed to ginger’s effects on regulating blood sugar levels, according to Gasparovic.

He explained that immediately after drinking the yellow liquid, you can expect a “sharper” cognitive function, stemming from ginger’s richness in antioxidants and its purported ability to increase blood flow to the brain. 

This was extremely helpful when the midday slump made an appearance after lunch like it always does.

As I don’t drink any caffeine, any energy boost is very much welcome during this time.

But the only thing that let me down were the shots’ effects on my digestive system.

Gasparovic dubbed the small drinks a “go-to elixir” for those struggling with problems like indigestion and bloating.

However, I still experienced bad bouts of bloating and stomach issues throughout the week.

To give the shots the benefit of the doubt, I have chronic inflammation in my bowel and peptic ulcers, which means my stomach is especially hard to please.

But after my experience with the mildest cold ever and higher energy levels, ginger shots are definitely something I will be adding to my shopping trolley.

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