HIMSSCast: Epic leaders on data-driven clinical trial innovation

New approaches to data, and new ways to aggregate and analyze it, are enabling design of more representative clinical trials and delivery of better care, say the company’s VP of clinical informatics, and its VP of business intelligence and analytics.

The challenges of designing effective clinical trials, finding the right people to participate in them and building trial cohorts that are representative of the population at large, have been well-documented.

With its recent Life Sciences initiative, Epic has set its sights on data-driven insights to improve the development of new therapeutics and interventions. That includes improving all parts of the clinical trial process – from how physicians educate their patients about potential cohorts, connect them to promising research and help make sure those studies are optimally beneficial for as many people as possible.

Epic is already helping its provider customers work on more than 100,000 active research studies with 4.7 million patients.

We spoke recently with Dr. Jackie Gerhart, VP of clinical informatics at Epic, and Phil Lindemann, the company’s VP of business intelligence and analytics, about the Life Sciences project. They also spoke about an array of other innovations made possible by the vast datasets of Epic’s Cosmos platform, enabling care improvements in everything from behavioral health to perinatal care.

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