High blood pressure: the callback action for the blood pressure-lowering drug Candesartan – declared incorrectly

Candesartan: a Widely used blood pressure-lowering drug is called back

In the past few months, repeatedly recall actions were launched for high blood pressure medicines, because of the carcinogenic ingredients included in the products. Affected drugs with the active ingredient Valsartan. Now a high blood pressure was, again, the drug is recalled, alledrings this time due to improper labeling of the ingredients. The pharmaceutical company Pure Pharma GmbH & Co. KG has launched a recall for Candesartan, as in the case of the widely used blood-pressure-lowering drug labelling errors have been detected. This could Overdose and significant health problems in the Affected lead. It is recommended that „the affected batches in the pharmacies zurückzugeben“.

Labelling error relates to the indication of the thickness

The pharmaceutical company Pure Pharma GmbH & Co. KG carries out a batch recall for Candesartan. “It is a labelling error has been detected. The error relates to the indication of the strength on the carton: 32 mg/12.5 mg instead of 32 mg/25 mg“, – stated in the message of the company. But: “The tablets contained are consistent with the information on the blisters.”

Affected by this recall means

As the drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK) informs, are affected by the recall are the following products:

Candesartan-comp PURE 32 mg/25 mg 98 tablets
Candesartan-comp PURE 32 mg/12.5 mg 98 tablets

PZN: 11354037 and 11354008

Ch.-B.: JDSB18002-A, JDSB18003-A, JDSB18004-A, JDSB18005-A, JDSB18006-A, JDSB18007-A, JDSB18008-A, JDSB18009-A, JDSB18010-A, JDSB18011-A, JDSB18011-C, JDSB18012-A, JDSB18013-A, JDSB18014-A, JDSB18015-A

According to the report, this Information went to the offices of the pharmaceutical wholesalers for distribution to public pharmacies and on the national pharmacist chambers. The hospital pharmacies have been informed by the AMK branch.

Customers should be informed

According to the communication, was already on the 25. In April 2019, a AMK-PHAGRO-fast information to another Batch of the above-mentioned medicinal products. The AMK is asking for all stock Verification of the goods.

“Medicinal product concerned are to lock of pharmacies and wholesale promptly from the sale”, – stated in the message.

“The pharmaceutical company is asking pharmacies to inform customers that the have known one of the products of the above mentioned batches.”

The initial delivery of the affected goods was made on 16. Of July 2018.

Drug for treatment of hypertension

Candesartan belongs to the Sartans. These so-called Angiotensin-II-Receptor-antagonists are used for the treatment of arterial hypertension (high blood pressure).

Also in the case of a congestive heart failure (heart failure), according to a recently occurred myocardial infarction or in patients with diseases of kidneys and a hypertension, and type 2 Diabetes mellitus, this medication.

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In some cases, resorted to this means to lower high blood pressure, because the intake of other medications leads patients to prolonged cough.

Contamination with cancer-causing substances

In the past few months, has been repeatedly warned of the impurities in such high blood pressure resources.

In part, the preparations had to be called due to the inherent carcinogenic substances.

These return means, which were manufactured by Indian and Chinese producers were to call.

Blood pressure medication had to be Europe-wide recalled. Were affected valsartan-containing medicines for high blood pressure. The active ingredient of the Chinese manufacturer “Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical” was contaminated, according to official authorities the information with a cancer-causing substance.(ad)