Herb extracts can increase penis size and make erections last longer, study says

The use of plant or plant-based products to help stimulate sexual desire and enhance performance and enjoyment is nothing new.

A number of pills, potions or supplements claim to be the holy grail when it comes to increasing passion between the sheets, even claiming to increase penis size.

While some claims remain unsupported by evidence, one has recently caught the attention of sexologists and health experts.

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A specific formula is said to help enlarge penises thanks to its ingredients, which includes mint extract, arctium extract and guarana. This formula is said to impact the corpora cavernosa of the penis, helping it to grow in size and also help erections last longer.

Guarana contains guaranine which provides an aphrodisiac property to boost erectile strength.

Arctium lappa L. root has traditionally been previously recommended as an aphrodisiac agent and mint extract is said to help increase the flow of blood in the corpus cavernosa.

In one study performed on rats and published in the National Library of Medicine, the effects of Arctium extract were further analysed.

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In the study, 75 albino male rats were divided into groups of 15 with some groups receiving distilled water and three groups given the extract.

Female albino rats were then made receptive by hormonal treatment and their behaviours were monitored.

Arctium extract was found to increase the frequencies of mount, intromission and ejaculation frequency.

"The standard drug (Viagra) was more effective than the extract. The extract significantly increased the frequencies of all components of penile reflexes as well as serum testosterone levels, compared with the distilled water controls,” noted the study.

It concluded that “Arctium lappa L. roots enhances sexual behaviour in male rats.”

“These results thus support the traditional use of Arctium lappa L. root extract for treating impotence and sterility.”

Safety precautions

Whether the combination of ingredients in the formula actually work on penis size remains dubious, with no other research further looking into all three ingredients.

Separately they may help but as with most things it's important to consult your doctor before embarking on any new supplements or herbs claiming to make your penis bigger.


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