Health insurance calls for vaccination against TBE protect

Nationwide, the number of people affected by tick-borne encephalitis (short-TBE) is increased, 2018 576, such as the Robert-Koch-Institute reported.

The are almost 20 percent more than in the previous year, and an absolute peak value, since TBE infections in the year 2001 to be reported. But still too few people get vaccinated.

It is time to act preventively, believes Andreas Vogt, head of the TK of Baden-Württemberg.

Super summer favors tick bites

TBE is transmitted by ticks, and the number of reported cases is, among other things, by the spread of ticks in the respective period and the number of beautiful days-dependent: The more people who have to spend a longer period of time in the Outdoors, the more likely a bite of the little beasts.

“Everyone who is much in nature, even if it is only in the garden or Park, should be provisions, therefore,” says Andreas Vogt in a statement.

A good vaccination rate is one of the most effective weapons in the fight against TBE. This, however, leaves something to be desired.

Particularly in the southernmost provinces, people should be preventively vaccinated, there have been reported in the past year, 85 percent of all cases. 132 of the high-risk classified areas are located in Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg.

Symptoms of TBE

While most of those Affected show no symptoms of a disease, will feel different at first only mild symptoms, which can resemble a light summer flu.

In patients belonging to the second group, it comes after the disappearance of the first wave often the second thrust, and this is usually seriously.

Approximately half of the patients suffering from Meningitis, inflammation of the brain. It can lead to paralysis, and not infrequently the symptoms heal after the disappearance of the disease is incomplete.

In General, children and young people have a better chance at a full recovery.

Effective Vaccination

A long-term immunisation requires altogether three injections, of which the first is best now to the beginning of the year. The only way it can be ensured that the Vaccination is complete, when the summer comes.

Two to three months after the basic vaccination, the second Phase can be addressed. This is after about two weeks of safety, but only a third vaccination provides long-term protection, which is then refreshed every three to five years.

If you happen to be a lot of time Outdoors, should be established as soon as possible with his doctor. People in high-risk areas, whether residents or visitors, even vaccinated for nothing: The statutory health insurance funds bear the costs.

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