Eggs promote the level of cholesterol in the height?

Editors ‘ note: This article is already in 2017 appeared. We have updated and wish you informative entertainment.

Not more than two eggs per week to eat, is a common piece of advice. The reasoning sounds convincing at first glance. The Egg is rich in cholesterol – a substance that increases in the blood in larger amounts, the risk for calcified arteries, and thus also for stroke and heart attack. For this reason, a high egg consumption could endanger the heart, the warning.

In General, the cholesterol from the Egg and the food has only a small influence on how much of the substance circulates in the blood. Reason is a sophisticated metabolism that keeps you in a healthy person, the amount of Cholesterol in check.

Cholesterol – a vital building block of hormones

Cholesterol doesn’t count, despite the bad reputation, to the life of the necessary substances for the human body it goes without. The molecule is not only an important part of the membrane of our cells in the body, it also forms the basic structure of many hormones. Among his descendants, among other things, the anti-inflammatory cortisone and the sex hormones testosterone and Estrogen.

Thus, the replenishment is true, the body cholesterol for the most part. Cholesterol comes from the food, to avoid two security mechanisms to Oversupply: the body will throttle its own production, if the intestine is reporting a greater cholesterol intake from food. On the other hand, the absorption through the gut is limited. The egg Breakfast provides a lot of cholesterol eliminated from the body the Excess. “It is as Healthy, therefore, virtually impossible to overdose on cholesterol through food,” says Christian Prince, Director of the Helios clinic for gastroenterology in Wuppertal, Germany.

In addition to the mechanisms that protect against an Overdose from the diet, many studies in humans that the consumption of eggs and heart and circulatory system at risk. In 2013, about conceived Chinese researchers, the results of 17 studies, the diseases of the egg consumption and coronary heart attacks and strokes were recorded. Your clear-cut conclusion: Even those who eat more than an Egg a day, not ill, more often than Eggs who refuse.

Because of studies like this underscore the German society for nutrition (DGE) in 2017, even as the note that eggs should only be consumed in moderation, out of your ten rules for a healthy diet. Just as all had agreed, came in March 2019, however, researchers in a study of nearly 30,000 Americans to the conclusion that eggs eaters suffer more frequently of the heart – the effects were small.

Increased cholesterol level: better eggs waiver

It is clear that there is no free letter for people who already have elevated cholesterol and therefore an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The causes for high cholesterol are many and varied, in addition to genetic factors, Obesity, Diabetes, certain medications or a thyroid will function. “The people Affected are part of thin pegs, without being Overweight,” says Prince.

Although the cholesterol from the food makes you only a small share of the total cholesterol, but a gastroenterologist Prince says: “Then, it is important to life, no excesses. An egg on Sunday is permitted.” Conversely, a high cholesterol, however, not solely by a strict diet control, says Prince. Even those who waived in addition to eggs are completely cholesterol-containing foods such as shrimp, salmon, or Salami, can lower the values depending on the predisposition, only ten to 15 percent.

People who are not pre-loaded with cholesterol, however, can, in good conscience, with scrambled eggs and colorful Easter eggs for your Egg-satisfy your appetite. Because, in addition to plenty of cholesterol and calories, eggs provide the body with high quality proteins, essential minerals and vitamins. “Especially for children, the daily egg provides a good base,” says Prince. “The contained B-vitamins, for example, are important for neural development.” The Egg, it is better than its reputation.

Conclusion: The cholesterol from foods such as eggs has only a small impact on the quantities of the substance in the blood to circulate. People with a high cholesterol should be rich still, rarely cholesterol foods. All the others let’s taste.


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