Diet With these three foods hormones to come into Balance

Premenstrual syndrome (abbreviated PMS) bothers many women. However, a healthy diet can help. And also men can look forward to: your healthy fats, vitamins and minerals are the three foods mentioned are also interesting for you.

1. Broccoli

Did you know? The broccoli florets are not wearing your name of about. In fact, they are the buds before the flowering of the cross flower crop.

Even otherwise, the broccoli surprised by its immense nutrient content, a low number of Calories: potassium helps to lower the Estrogen levels and increases also testosterone levels. This has a positive effect on potency and Libido.

In addition, antioxidants are anti-inflammatory and can alleviate hormone-related acne. Dietary fiber slow down the growing appetite that some women experience just before and during the period.

As a healthy Extra broccoli contains zinc, iron, sodium, and various vitamins.

2. Soy

Makes the digestive round-the-menstrual tired, have to soy it. Products such as Edamame and Tofu to crank through their share of dietary fiber the metabolism.

Also, soy products contain herbal Öströgen, which can act on the hormonal balancing. Unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins round out the healthy effects of soy.

3. Walnuts

Small but Powerful! Walnuts can counteract feelings of Stress, the level of cholesterol, positively influence blood pressure and shut down. Especially in front of Stress, you should not be careful in order not to aggravate PMS symptoms.

In addition, the nut curbs the appetite and is therefore suitable in moderation as a Snack, about binge Eating, a typical PMS-appearance, to prevent.

The course included sleep hormone Melatonin helps in restless nights when falling Asleep – so it’s perfect for women who have during their rule problems, a good night’s sleep.

Olivia Samnick

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