Chrissy Teigen just Revealed Exactly How much Weight She’s Gained Post-Pregnancy

In case Chrissy Teigen didn’t already hold the title of Queen of the Twittersphere, she’s certainly earned it after this admission. The mum-of-two just got super real about her recent weight gain and why she’s NOT buying into the post-baby bounce back.

Over the weekend, she answered a question she gets asked by fans on the reg (“How do you eat like this?”)

“Basically I am [9kg] heavier than I was before miles,” she explained. “He’s 10 months old, I never lost the last bit because I love food too much. Just coming to terms with my new normal, when I had this certain number for so long!”

And as if this wasn’t refreshingly honest enough already, she added that her lowest weight was right after giving birth to her first child – in the midst of her battle with postpartum depression.

“The thinnest I’ve ever been was right after Luna. Postpartum depression,” she wrote. “I’LL TAKE THESE POUNDS AND THIS FEELING!”

Her words inspired a flood of supportive comments from mums who could relate:

“This healthy attitude toward food and weight is SO HELPFUL for people to see. Thank you for sharing this!!”

“Thankyou for this honest and refreshing non-Hollywood attitude.”

“Thankyou for promoting a healthy view of beauty! Beauty is how we feel in our bodies… not how much we weigh!”

We second all of the above, Chrissy. Your continued advocacy for body positivity does not go unnoticed. Thankyou!

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