Cancer study: Certain foods can cause cancer – these are the foods you should avoid better

What is the role of our diet in the development of cancer?

The emergence of the cancer is promoted by various influences. The diet plays a much larger role than previously thought. A new study by the Tufts University in Boston showed that thousands suffer from cancer every year because they take the wrong foods. Accordingly, many cancers could be avoided diseases. The following foods should be avoided better.

Unhealthy diet is a major factor

In a recent study by Tufts University in Boston, it was found that an unhealthy diet every year to Thousands of cancer cases, which could normally simply be avoided by people better pay attention to what you take in food. The results of the study were published in the English journal “JNCI Cancer Spectrum”.

A healthy diet is extremely important for human health. Unhealthy food leads to diseases and premature death.(Image: happy_lark/

Over 80,000 Americans are affected in 2015 due to their diet of cancer

In the year 2015, an estimated were due in the United States 80.110 new cases of cancer in adults from age 20 years to the fact that the people ate unhealthy, say the authors of the study. This is equivalent to about 5.2 per cent of all invasive cancer cases were newly diagnosed in adults in the United States in the year 2015. This proportion is comparable with the proportion of cancers attributable to alcohol.

There are seven forms of nutrition were examined

The researchers evaluated their study, a total of seven dietary factors: low intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grain products and dairy products, as well as a high intake of processed meat, red meat and sugary drinks. A low consumption of wholegrain products was the disease with the highest Rate of cancer in the US, followed by a low consumption of dairy products, a high consumption of processed meat, low fruit and vegetable consumption, a high consumption of red meat and a high intake of sugar-sweetened beverages.

On The Subject Of

1. Broccoli-substance as a cancer agent?

In the current study by the Harvard Medical School, Boston, it was found that broccoli can disable a Gene, which is involved in the formation of various types of cancer. The results of the investigation were published in the English journal “Science”.

To increase hot drinks, the risk of cancer

In a recent study by the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, it was found that consumption of hot tea or coffee a massive influence on our risk seems to have for the development of cancer. The results of the study were published in the English journal “International Journal of Cancer”.

What types of cancer occurred most frequently?

The researchers used a comparative risk assessment model, in which the number of the poor diet-related cancer cases is estimated and has a rating of how the diet in the case of cancer in the United States plays a role. Previous studies have already shown that a high consumption of processed meat increases the risk of colon cancer and a low consumption of whole grains reduces the risk for colorectal cancer, the authors explain the study. The new study Quant diversifying, however, the number and percentage of new cancer cases are the result of a poor diet on a national level. The researchers found that colonic and rectal cancer with a rate of 38.3 percent represented the highest number and the highest proportion of diet-related diseases.

Our diet is important for cancer prevention

Further studies are required to determine whether in the US for other periods of time, a similar Association is observed. All in all, our diet is one of the few modifiable risk factors for the prevention of cancer, report the researchers. The results underscore the need to reduce the burden of Cancer by reducing the absorption of important food groups and nutrients is improved.

Danger from ultra-processed foods

So-called ultra-processed foods make up a growing part of the global diet. A study from the year 2016, for instance, showed that 60 percent of the calories in the average American diet come from these foods. You can protect against cancer by ultra-avoid processed food and instead prefer organic food. In the last year in the journal “JAMA Internal Medicine” published a study found that people who often eat organic food, the General risk for cancer is reduced. (as)