Calories bomb the Christmas market, you should not eat better

When the days are short and cold, then the Desire often increases after hearty meals. As the Christmas market comes just in time: Everywhere the smell is tempting and if you have the tasty food, once tried, you can warm up the hands even on a hot mulled wine.

So a night is cozy, but also fast quite the calorie bomb. “You should not be too strict with itself,” says Daniela Krehl, consultant food and nutrition at the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern. “The body can handle one-time slip-up is usually very good.” On the hips, or the belly, it fails earlier, if one has taken regularly through the year with more calories than burned. A visit to the Christmas market doesn’t fall more into the weight.

Calories Bomb The Christmas Market

But who wants to save on the Christmas market calories, can replace full meals by variants that have less calories. A good idea is to order small portions and eat them slowly. “In addition, it saves calories and delighted others when you share food with friends,” advises Krehl.

In addition, it is advisable to be moderate with alcohol deal. “Alcohol delivers it to ever calories, and brings the metabolism out of balance,” said Krehl. “It also promotes the appetite.” Who is then surrounded by delicious fragrances at the Christmas market, quickly loses all inhibitions.

As a General rule: At the Christmas market, nothing is forbidden. But who wants to enjoy in moderation, and should adhere to the following rules of thumb:

Instead of cocoa with a shot of dear Apple wine

A Cup of hot cocoa warms you up – but he is also quite a calorie supplier. It not only contains whole milk, chocolate and sugar, but mostly cream. Thus a Cup of cocoa comes quickly once on 400 calories. A shot of Amaretto or Rum is included, climbs up the number even further to the top.

An Alternative to mulled wine. It included lots of sugar, but a Cup has significantly less calories as of cocoa, namely, of approximately 240. Even better is the balance sheet in the case of Apple wine is: He has around 96 calories per glass (200ml) of the low-calorie drinks on the Christmas market. But this is true only if he uses no sugar or honey – otherwise, his record is roughly the mulled wine.

Instead of waffles prefer crepes

The fresh waffles smell tempting, but also have plenty of calories in itself. A Portion comes quickly to 600 calories, especially if you enjoy the waffles with whipped cream. Add to that: After a Serving of waffles, you will feel rarely sick, but then usually to a hearty Snack.

A better balance will have Crêpes. Especially popular is the version with Nutella is and also the is not exactly figure-friendly: Per piece of those pancakes already contain once-a-340 calories. It is more advantageous to resort instead to the variant with powdered sugar or applesauce. Who would like to take a little bit of calories, should also pay attention to whether the crepes are baking in excessive fat and then in case of doubt, prefer a other type of Stand to choose.

Instead of almonds better hot Chestnuts

The state with the roasted almonds you smell at the Christmas market, often from a distance: they just smell too good and after a hearty meal, they make a popular Snack. Almonds are good because they contain many important nutrients. But since they are caramelized in sugar, is this reflected properly in the calorie balance sheet: 100 grams contain 600 calories.

A better option are Chestnuts. The chestnuts make it increasingly to the Christmas markets. They also contain important nutrients, but significantly less calories: 100 grams of bring around 210 calories, with approximately one-third of the roasted almonds.

To grater cake, better make it a bow

Grater cake to come out as innocent, therefore you are the true calorie bomb at the Christmas market. This is because you will be the fat on the eyes, in which they are fried. This ensures not only the taste, but also a lot of content: Three potato pancakes with applesauce to bring it quickly to 700 calories.

Anyone who resorts instead to Pizza, not, however, makes it much better. A piece of Salami or Mozzarella cheese scores with more than 600 calories. Here, but the pad save: Is ham on the Pizza instead, with a low-fat Cooking, or vegetables occupied, some calories reduce.

Cheaper the calorie balance of the tarte flambée is. Basically, a Serving of 300 calories. Also, the flooring is crucial. With plenty of sour cream and bacon, the Calorie count is skyrocketing – and the really good balance there.

Sharing is Caring: Bratwurst in a bread roll

A classic on the Christmas market Bratwurst in a bread roll is. Anyone who resorts to this variant, it takes at least a little less calories than with a sausage. 500 calories come together but still quite.

The Alternative: the Bratwurst to share with your friends. With luck, you can also find a Stand that offers a variant, the fewer calories it contains. These include ham, for example, in Prague or the so-called bison griller.

Hot Dogs are not a Alternative: The sausage is very fatty. A Hot Dog comes up to 400 calories – and the soft bun makes it not even really tired.

Cheap variations of Snacks made from potatoes

Fries are tasty, but are unfortunately also the best calorie balance sheet: 150 grams bring it to 440 calories, with Mayonnaise, with around 100 added. A similar number of calories, contains a small Portion of potato wedges with Remoulade.

Better the balance sheet for potatoes looks like: 200 grams contain around 225 calories – you eat onions with bacon and fried, are also reached quickly 400 calories.

Much cheaper a baked potato with herb quark is. It is virtually fat-free and low in calories – most of the calories of Quark, and it depends on how creamy or low-fat he is.

On sauces and side dishes pay attention

In principle, it is at the Christmas market is not rare, that is actually affordable meals through sauces, side dishes, or the type of preparation turn into calorie bombs.

This applies, for example, for mushrooms. 100 grams of cooked mushrooms contain on average only 15 calories. But, as the Christmas market is common in the fat and fry with a sauce, rises this balance rapidly. Also Kale is the nutrition actually effective: It is rich in nutrients and contains only a few calories. Pork belly makes him very hard: 300 grams of green cabbage with pork belly contain 700 calories. It’s supposed to be green Kale with Deposit, have to pee or Kassler is a much better balance sheet.

You should the Christmas market, but not before a loud count Calories of driving. Who eats an otherwise balanced, may still be alright and unreasonable – after all, the season of Advent is to make joy.

This article was authored by (Maria Berentzen)

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