By Energy Drinks for young wife gets a pacemaker

A young mother is drinking too many Energy Drinks – a pacemaker at the age of 32

In Germany alone, are implanted every year, over 100,000 pacemakers. According to health experts, the average age of these patients is approximately 75 years. However, some people get even at a very young age, such an implant. So, a 32-Year-old woman from the UK. The young mother had consumed in the years prior to the procedure, enormous amounts of energy drinks.

Health hazards by stimulating drinks

Health experts advise for years to beware of energy drinks. Especially the large amount of sugar in the drinks is a problem that Worries. According to experts, a can may contain up to 13 cubes of sugar. Such Drinks damage teeth, lead to Obesity and contribute to diseases such as Diabetes. Moreover, it can lead to greater consumer complaints, such as tachycardia or hypertension. How dangerous are Energy Drinks for the heart, also had to know a young woman from the UK.

Pacemaker Implantation at the age of 32 years

According to a report in the English newspaper “the Leicester Mercury” was the 33-year-old Samantha Sharpe literally addicted to energy drinks.

Up to six cans a day, drank three times a mother. But then, more and more health problems such as heart problems and Blackouts occurred in the young woman, which eventually led them to a pacemaker got at the age of 32 of a heart implanted.

As the report is restricted, the Doctors can’t be sure, what are the heart problems caused, but explained to the patient that the sugar would not help containing drinks.

Now the young woman warns others of the potential impact.

Year-long high consumption

The information according to their high level of use continued for about four years, before she fell to the home several times to faint, and you went to see your doctor.

“I have three kids and work, so everyday brought me life to drink the energy drinks,” she told the newspaper.

“I work in the evening, so you have brought me through the day. You woke me up and a little turned up.“

However, in the eight months in which the young woman was not working, not decreased consumption.

Addicted to energy drinks

To the newspaper “Leicester Mercury” described by Sharpe their Addiction: “The drinks made my heart beat faster, which led to knock-to-heart”. However, after a certain period of time, she needed another Drink. According to their data, the heart rate decreased in such situations, to 20 beats per Minute.

If you would not have taken up their desire for another drink, would you prepare this headache, you would have been grumpy and have not slept.

“It is something I have never experienced,” says Sharpe. You felt like an addict. “My family warned me, but I didn’t hear you.”

Not only health problems with the heart

“I went over a year ago to the doctor, because I’m at home all the time fainting,” said the mother of three children.

The physician noted that the patient had a Heart block. “In February of last year, I was in the Glenfield Hospital, a pacemaker directly into the heart to implant, to support my heart function,” says Sharpe.

During the procedure, the device was implanted through a vein in the leg. “It was not a nice experience and my kids had to take me to the hospital and from the hospital.”

The information suggests that the problems with the heart but were not the only health problems that have occurred.

She also suffered from kidney stones and was told that you have Diabetes because of the amount of sugar that you consumed every day, on the verge of type 2.

Patient the Finger of stimulant drinks

After the pacemaker had been implanted at the age of 32 years, have you felt a “new sense of life,”.

You have no fainting and heart problems.

“But I have to leave every six months, to the Doctors and the pacemaker every 10 years to replace.”

The young woman knew that she should stay away from Energy Drinks, however, she drank after the surgery again.

However, this ensured that her heart was racing, the kidneys ached and she got a headache. “I thought to myself, I can do that.”

Hazardous effects should be addressed

Due to health problems she can no longer stand to see other energy drinks drink – in particular, children.

“It breaks my heart when I see, when children do,” said Sharpe. “There is an age limit, but I still see mothers buying them for their children.”

According to the young woman, the effects of Energy should be advertised Drinks stronger.

“I think everyone knows that they are good for you – but no one has ever said why they are good for you.“

But that’s not entirely true. Because, after all, health experts have criticized for years the dangerous effects of such beverages and to explain, among other things, what happens after the consumption of a can in the body. (ad)