Brandenburg: contacts banned – what now and allowed is forbidden

Brandenburg remains in the home. Because of the Corona-crisis, the state has driven the public life shut down. What are the rules exactly, and what has changed?

Brandenburg is in the Corona-crisis mode: For all of the approximately 2.5 million inhabitants apply for this on Monday tightened the rules for the stay outside of the apartment. It had been agreed between the Federation and the Länder, the spread of the novel Coronavirus to slow down even more.

Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) has appealed to the citizens: "It is necessary that all adhere to that!" An Overview:

How many people are infected in the state of Brandenburg with Corona?

In Brandenburg were infected, according to the Ministry of health 443 people, a Sick person has so far died.

Surf tip: the Infected in the district: The current Figures for all districts in Germany

What is forbidden to go in Brandenburg, on the way Out, what is still allowed?

Who goes out of the house, allowed on the public roads, streets, squares and green areas, in principle, with members from the own household or with another Person who is not a member of the household.

As a General rule, a barring order, but there are exceptions to the house to leave. This applies to the following:

  • Anyone who works,
  • who needs to see a doctor or to the hospital,
  • who life, visits a partner, the Elderly or the Sick,
  • Children or people accompanied to need the support,
  • anyone who has urgent appointments at authorities or courts and
  • anyone who donates blood.
  • Who is the father and is allowed to visit the maternity ward.
  • Playing a Sport or getting fresh air and wants to move, it is allowed to even out.

Necessary a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

What stores have yet to open?

Super markets, delivery services, pharmacies, drugstores, gas stations, banks, savings banks, post offices, selling Newspapers, and laundromats – these shops may still open. For them, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the seller and the customer.

Restaurants are allowed to open only if you deliver Goods to a telephonic or electronic order or in the Drive-in or ready for Pick-up points.

  • Open grid is a railway car.
  • Closed Bars, Clubs, discos, cinemas, theaters, museums, concert halls, amusement and animal parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and fitness studios.

What pair or relative in a nursing home is to Visit the sick?

Generally speaking, a ban on visitors for patients homes, in hospitals and residents of nursing.

There are exceptions: children under 16 years of age may even get the day of a Person close to visit for an hour if she has no respiratory infections. Terminally ill be allowed to close to receive visitors, especially about hospice. The restriction does not apply to hospices.

What has changed in comparison to the first scheme?

The first regulation of the state government to contain the Coronavirus from the 17. March was a ban on meetings of more than 50 people, for less than 50 people to circles and circle-free cities had to be contacted. Barbers were still allowed to open, they were not included in the list of exceptions, this is true.

The country goes further than the agreement of the Federal government and the States?

Despite a joint Federal-state agreement for contact bans countries have different regulations. As more stringent output restrictions in Bavaria. Brandenburg has formulated its requirements differently.

In the Federal-Länder-agreement States, for example, staying in a public space alone, is allowed with an additional non-Person living in the household or in the circle of the members of the house stand. Brandenburg writes in its regulation: “The right to Enter public places (…) are prohibited.” After that, the exceptions follow.

How long will the scheme apply?

The contact ban applies for the time being up to 5. To the closing of April, all the other points about Charging initially until the 19th century. April.

What are the financial AIDS, the country offers?

Brandenburg is planning a bailout Fund of half a billion euros by lending to the Parliament should, in the coming week the Soft. An emergency assistance program provides already now grants between 9000 and 60 000 Euro for micro and Small enterprises make, Solo – self-employed and freelancers, in order to prevent an acute threat to the survival. The assistance depends on the number of persons employed (up to 100). As of Wednesday applications are possible. A Fund of 7.5 million euros is available.

Where can I contact if I have questions?

The state government has a new Hotline set up under the number 49 331 8665050 Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 o’clock. Many of the health offices of the districts and circle-free cities also offer Hotlines. Anyone who can’t reach the doctor, the can be of assistance, the cash medical Association 116 117 where it is possible to contact in the event of an acute illness.

The numbers 110 and 112 are reserved for people with life-threatening diseases. Companies can inform themselves under 49 331 730 61 222 about AIDS. On the website the state government informed.

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