Arnold Schwarzenegger Always Works Out After a Long-Haul Flight

Arnold Schwarzenegger might be in the middle of a global press tour but he’s proof that you’re never too busy to find time to hit the gym, having shared a couple of workout videos on Instagram while promoting Terminator: Dark Fate in Korea. In fact, he credits hitting the gym as soon as he lands with helping to stave off jet lag, saying: “Your #terminatordarkfate world tour wisdom for the day: Never take a nap when you land after a long flight. Go straight to the gym for a pump.”

Schwarzenegger has also used these posts as an opportunity to tell fans how grateful he is for their support as the iconic sci-fi franchise enters its sixth chapter, reuniting him with his old friend and co-star Linda Hamilton in the process. “Without the fans, there is no movie, and no movie star,” he said on Instagram.

Arnie is not the only action star who swears by the gym as a cure for jet lag. Earlier this year while traveling a lot doing press for Hobbs & Shaw, The Rock (who travels with his own “Iron Paradise” when filming on location) shared how working out helps to “anchor” him in the middle of a hectic schedule.

“No matter how many hours I’ve flown, no matter how many miles I’ve traveled, regardless of what country it is, the first thing I need to do to get ready for the work day is I gotta find the gym,” he said. “I need to find my local Iron Paradise. This, working out every day, is my anchor. Life is so crazy and busy for me, and for you guys too, like we’re on this treadmill that just doesn’t stop and continues to go, so I do need working out to anchor my day. It helps me balance myself.”

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