A week ago, he traveled to Egypt for the First time, German proof died of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus from spreading further. In Germany, there are currently more than 900 confirmed Corona cases. Worldwide there are already over 100,000. More than 3,500 victims, has called Covid-19 so far. You can find all the information about the Coronavirus outbreak in the News-Ticker at FOCUS Online.

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For the first time, German proof, died of a novel Coronavirus

Top news (17.44 PM): for the First time, a German citizen, evidence of new pulmonary disease Covid-19 died. It was a 60-year-old man who was a week ago, Egypt entered the country, according to the Egyptian health Ministry said on Sunday. It was the first death is also the case in connection with Covid-19 in Africa. What is the German Federal state of man came, remained unclear.

The man had traveled from the tourist town of Luxor in southern Egypt, in the resort of Hurghada, said Ministry spokesman Khalid Megahid. After his arrival, he had a raised temperature and had been tested in the hospital a positive effect on Sars-CoV-2. The man was treated in intensive care and I refused to be in a different clinic moved. His condition deteriorated, increasingly, on Sunday he had died.

Egypt had been reported in comparison to other countries in the Arab region, first of all, relatively few Sars-CoV-2 infections. Especially the regional neighboring Iran, where, in the meantime, according to the official statistics, about 145 people died from the Virus-caused disease Covid-19, as well as Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq, dozens of reported proven infections.

Egypt, with 100 million inhabitants, the most populous country in North Africa, reported so far, 48 of the evidence. Including 45 people on Board a cruise ship, which was on the Nile in upper Egypt were on the road.

133 new deaths from Coronavirus in Italy

In Italy, the number of deaths has increased due to the novel Coronavirus by leaps and bounds. The number of deaths increased within 24 hours to 133 to 366, as the Italian authorities announced on Sunday evening. The number of confirmed infections is now at a level of 7375, the in 1492, more than on Saturday. Among the new infections are among also Salvatore Farina, the chief of the General staff of the Italian army is. He made it known that he is good and he is currently in home quarantine.

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More than 1000 cases in France

The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in France has risen to more than a thousand. Meanwhile, 1126 people were infected with the novel Coronavirus, according to the French health authorities on Sunday evening. The death toll is at 19.

In the fight against the Covid-19-epidemic France forbids henceforth, in principle, events with more than 1,000 people. The Minister of health, Olivier Véran, announced on Sunday in Paris after a meeting of the security Council, which was headed by the state chief Emmanuel Macron.

Véran was to recognize that there are going to be exceptions. He said that the authorities are now putting together a list of events, the "useful for the life of the Nation" be, to demonstrations, for example. So far, France had prohibited events with more than 5,000 people, especially in enclosed spaces.

Confirmed Corona cases in Germany by state

Baden-Württemberg: 182

Bavaria: 172

Berlin: 40

Brandenburg: 4

Bremen: 4

Hamburg: 13

Hesse: 19

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 8

Lower Saxony: 21

North Rhine-Westphalia: 398 (district of Heinsberg particularly affected)

Rhineland-Palatinate: 19

Saarland: 4

Saxony: 7

Schleswig-Holstein: 9

Thuringia: 2

Total: 902

Source: Robert-Koch-Institut (Stand: 8. March, 19 PM)

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Important telephone numbers at Covid-19-suspicion

The government recommends that: In the case of Coronavirus-symptoms, is it call better, instead of sitting in the waiting room.

  • 116 117: A Doctor’s On-Call Service
  • 115: Unitary Authorities Number
  • 0800 011 77 22: Independent Patient Counselling Germany
  • 030 346 465 100: citizens telephone of the Federal Ministry of health
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Coronavirus: Portugal’s President goes into self-isolation

0.20 PM: President Of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has because of a possible infection with the novel Coronavirus in a two-week self-isolation go. Although the 71-Year-old had no symptoms of lung disease Covid-19, but he had taken in the past week, young people of a school of Felgueiras, in the North of the country, which was later closed due to a Case of Sars-CoV-2, it said on Sunday on the website of the presidency.

In consultation with the health authorities Rebelo de Sousa have therefore decided, for 14 days, no public appointments. The newspaper "Público" wrote, the President is wool so set a good example, he’ll work from his home from. Infection with the new Virus seems unlikely, however, because the politicians have made photos with students and teachers, "without these, however, individually begrüßen". A Test for the Coronavirus on Monday is intended to bring clarity.

Jens Spahn recommends cancellation of large events

18.57 PM: in view of the increasing Coronavirus infections in Germany recommends that the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, events with more than 1000 participants for the time being to cancel. Currently, this is done from his point of view, is still too timid. "In view of the dynamic development of the last few days, the quickly changed werden&quot should;, he said on Sunday the German press Agency in Berlin. Of such Cancellations, among other things, the Bundesliga could be affected games, fairs and big concerts.

Spahn said, but the ultimate objective was to slow the spread of the novel Virus. "Because the slower the Virus spreads, the better our health care system can handle it."

On the subject of large-scale events Spahn: &quot said;After numerous discussions with managers, I encourage expressly, events with more than 1000 participants until further notice to cancel." Principles for dealing with smaller events, have developed the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Further Spahn: &quot said;I am aware of, what are the consequences for citizens or organizer. We will talk in the next few days about how we deal with the economic consequences." It was clear, however, that the health of previous.

Further Spahn: &quot said;I also encourage every Individual, no weigh what is in one’s own everyday life so important that you do not want to do without it in the next two to three months, it was the club visit the birthday celebration in the family circle or the club meeting. I trust that the citizens meet in these times, wise decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Because we will protect with this caution, especially our elderly and chronically ill citizens."

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Mind games in the Bundesliga? Opinion of the DFL

The German football League (DFL) wants the season in the Bundesliga and 2. To play League, in spite of the Coronavirus epidemic until the middle of may, as planned at the end. "The only way Clubs and the DFL, despite difficult circumstances for the upcoming season Planungssicherheit", DFL managing Director Christian Seifert said, according to a message from Sunday, which was shortly after the Comments Spahns published.

UPS and downs, as well as the participants of the international competitions would have to be determined in two game classes. The Clubs would have to coordinate with the competent authorities at the respective locations as in the past, closely regarding the expiry of a further game days, said Seifert.

In clear text this means that the DFL to Not takes mind games to keep the game going. The DFL announced, in the short term, a crisis meeting with the club to be recognised.

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Nockherberg-performance due to Coronavirus moved

16.33 PM: The strong beer tapping on the Nockherberg in Munich with satirical preaching of repentance and followed by a sing game is because of the Coronavirus' moved. The events at the end of the Paulaner brewery announced on Sunday. The hope, take the place of strong beer barrel-tapping, was a large, a spokeswoman said. "Since it is not a public event and there will be a limited number of guests of 560 gibt", she said to the grounds.

The Corona-crisis unit in Bavaria had seen at the Nockherberg-event, a number of Coronavirus infection risks and to get the strong beer tapping cancel or reschedule. Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) defended on Friday the recommendation and said: "The protection of the population is a priority for us."

This clear recommendation led to the decision to allow the event to take place at a later date, so a Paulaner spokeswoman. The same is true for the General sample. Artists and staff had prepared for months and rehearsed for weeks, very intense. "We want you to get your well-deserved applause."

Jens Spahn expects more restrictions due to Coronavirus

12.04 PM: the Federal Minister of health, Spahn expects at the same time so that even more major events in Germany to be cancelled must. For the companies that are affected by the failure of the major events, the Minister of health, economic support. “This has, in particular, for the smaller farmers, craftsmen, caterers or service providers large economic consequences. Therefore, we should think about a targeted and rapid assistance,“ says Spahn.

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21 Corona-Infected aboard cruise ship "Grand Princess" allowed Oakland to create

11.11 am: The because of several Coronavirus infections off the coast of California stopped a cruise ship in the port of Oakland create. The captain of the &quot informed;Grand Princess" according to U.S. media, in the evening (local time), with reports on Saturday, around 3500 people on Board. Travelers had recorded his speech and the local media sent. The city Council Larry Reid, Oakland confirmed the "San Francisco Chronicle" the information. The ship was expected on Monday in a currently unused section of the port, it said.

The disembarkation will take several days. Passengers in need of medical attention, were taken to hospitals, the other would have to be in quarantine. The crew should stay on the ship. On Board, first of all, 45 people had been on the new Coronavirus tested. In 21 of them – 19 crew members and 2 passengers – it has been demonstrated the Virus. American soldiers had brought the test kits by a helicopter on Board. US Vice-President Mike Pence had stressed that all people on Board should be tested for Sars-CoV-2, and in the case of an infection in quarantine is housed.

The "Grand Princess" was on the way back from a two week cruise to Hawaii, when she was stopped on Wednesday, around 100 kilometres off the coast of San Francisco: A former passenger (71) died after infection with the Coronavirus, four more were infected. Several participants of the previous tour had also booked the Hawaii cruise and had therefore remained on the ship, it was said in media reports. A total of around 2400 passengers and 1100 crew members on Board. The port of Oakland is not far from San Francisco.

Previously, another ship in the fleet, the &quot was already;Diamond Princess", for two weeks, due to the Coronavirus in the port of Yokohama in Japan quarantined.

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Malaysia and Thailand cruise ship from Coronavirus-fear does not create

11.00 am: Out of fear of the Coronavirus have Malaysia and Thailand, a cruise ship with dozens of Italians on Board the Invest in of your ports prohibited. The Malaysian politicians Phee Boon Poh told the news Agency AFP on Sunday, the Federal state of Penang have the "Costa Fortuna" prohibited in its coastal dock.

Previously, the ship had been turned away at the Thai port of Phuket. According to the information of the shipping company Costa Cruises, there is no Coronavirus-suspected case on Board of the ship.

According to Phee, the landing prohibition for the &quot stand;Costa Fortuna" to give in Penang in connection with a decision by the Malaysian government, cruise ships only to a limited extent, permits to enter in Malaysian ports. The "Costa Fortuna" was now on the way to Singapore, said Phee more.

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The number of Coronavirus infections in Austria have risen significantly

10.03 am: The number of infections with the new Coronavirus is in Austria at the weekend increased significantly. According to the health Ministry, there were until Sunday, 8 p.m., 104 confirmed cases in the Alpine Republic. On Friday evening the German Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) had said in a press conference of 63 confirmed cases.

Short had announced that the Alpine Republic is all set to operate direct flights to Milan, Bologna, South Korea, and in Iran for two weeks. In addition, sporadic health check will be at the Austrian-Italian border was conducted.

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Dispute breathing masks: Switzerland, ordered the German Ambassador

Sunday, 8. March, 09.32 PM: The German ban on the export of protective clothing to fight against the new Coronavirus, according to a media report, diplomatic tensions with Switzerland led. As the Swiss state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) of the "NZZ am Sonntag" said, I invite the Confederation of the German Ambassador and was also at the relevant ministries in Berlin made representations. "In these contacts, the German authorities were urged, in the blocked shipments immediately freizugeben", the newspaper quoted from a response of the Seco.

According to "NZZ am Sonntag" it is currently a load of a Swiss company by the German customs authorities cars are prevented from driving in Switzerland. The truck was loaded with about 240,000 protective masks. According to Seco, this is not an isolated case.

The German government adopted on Wednesday a ban on the export of medical protection equipment. Since Switzerland produces hardly any medical supplies, she was hit hard by the measure.

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