A naturopath from cancer by pendulum Test – now he is in court

A woman receives the diagnosis of breast cancer. The want of a second specialist to confirm. But instead of going to a physician to be familiar with the woman to a medical practitioner. The claims, you would have no cancer and prescribe homeopathic remedies. Today, the woman is dead. The practitioner is now before the court.

As a school, doctors diagnosed her breast cancer, would like to seek a woman from Bavaria a second opinion. You device to a medical practitioner from the district of Kehlheim. Examine the wife – but not with reputable Tests, but with a pendulum, such as the "Bild" reported.

Thereafter, the medical practitioner would be excluded according to the report, a cancer disease of the patient. Only your milk clogged be glands. That was in 2009.

Cancer metastases were distributed throughout the body

At the end of 2012, the woman got increasingly worse. In 2013, she passed away. In between, the man from lower Bavaria is said to have treated the wife with homeopathic remedies. Not sent to a doctor, and he you. An examination of her body showed, therefore, in hindsight: All of the organs and bones were of cancer metastases by been added.

Judgment could be at 20. September fall

That he sent his patient to a physician, and the man must answer to is currently before an appeal chamber of the regional court of Regensburg. Because the district court Kehlheim sentenced the naturopath back in March 2018 to a prison sentence of two years and three months for negligent homicide. Against the judgment of today, 69-Year-old, however, appeal.

His defense simply calls for a money or probation. A judgment may 20, according to the “BR24” on. September fall.

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