Kylie Jenner Is Teaching Stormi Her First Words with This Super Popular Baby Book

The vocabulary book has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon

Stormi knows her broccoli from her bananas.

On Sunday night, Kylie Jenner posted short videos of herself and her 14-month-old daughter Stormi reading from the baby book First 100 Words by Roger Priddy on her Instagram Story. The reality star, 21, asks Stormi to point out the broccoli from the board book, which she successfully does before pointing out other fruits and veggies all on her own.

The $7 vocabulary book is extremely popular on Amazon, with over 7,500 positive reviews from customers who gave it four to five-star ratings. First 100 Words is recommended for kids ages two and up, and helps toddlers learn 100 everyday words from different categories like food, pets, bedtime, colors, and more. Parents who review the book love how effective and simple it is, raving that it keeps even the most active of kids entertained while building their vocabulary.

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“This is my favorite word book. It’s all around perfect for what I need a word book for. It’s a wonderful size I can take in my purse easily. I take it anywhere we are going where I know we’re going to have some down time, like basketball tryouts for my older daughter. My son is 19 months old and he can easily sit with this on his lap and carry it around,” wrote one mom. “I am thrilled with how much this is helping my son. He is a very active little guy, but he will sit with this book and go through it front to back, then go back through and find his favorite pages.”

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Plus, the book is part of a collection, The First 100 Box Set ($13.94;, that includes other similar vocabulary books like First 100 Animals ($5.99; and First 100 Shapes ($5.99; First 100 Words also comes in a bilingual version for those looking to teach their kids both English and Spanish, Primeras 100 Palabras ($6.19;

Shop the popular baby book, loved by Stormi and kids everywhere, below.

Buy It! First 100 Words by Roger Pridy, $6.89;

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