Couples go WILD for The Space Hopper sex position – it’s out of this world

Sammi explained how to carry out the Space Hopper technique.

She said: “He lies back while she faces his feet, straddling him and kneeling with her legs resting just outside his hips.

“For him, it’s a great view of her bum as she rides him, and the angle can help to make her feel tighter than usual.

“For her, it’s an easy position to use hands or a toy (like a bullet vibrator) to stimulate her clitoris or nipples as well.”

As the Space Hopper requires women to face away from your partner, it can mean some of the intimacy gets lost.

Thankfully, this issue is easily fixed if you have a mirror nearby.

Facing a reflective surface allows you to catch a glimpse of your partner while you’re getting jiggy.

It can be incredibly erotic to see how much they’re enjoying the move – and also gives you the opportunity to watch yourself too.

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