Sisters Celebrate Being Able to Wear the Same Clothes in Different Sizes With a Body Positive Photo Shoot

If you have siblings, there might have been a time when your parents dressed you alike, as much as you may repress the memory. My sisters and I endured years of identical L.L. Bean monogrammed turtlenecks and coordinating overalls, plus matchy-matchy holiday outfits for our family Christmas card—which fooled many people into thinking we were triplets, even though there are four years between me and my youngest sister.

But not every sibling is able to experience those sweet childhood twinning moments, especially if they have different body sizes and aren’t able to find matching outfits in different sizes. Which is why blogger Rosey Blair’s recent Instagram post of a matching moment with her sister, Madelyn Blair, is giving us all the feels.

Rosey, who is plus-size, wrote in her post that she had never been able to shop at the same stores as her sister. The two posed in head-to-toe coordinating outfits—knotted headbands, chambray short-sleeve tops, and super cute daisy-printed midi skirts—from Anthropologie’s new line with extended sizing to celebrate body positivity.

Rosey explains that her sister is sporting a size small skirt, while she’s wearing the same skirt in a size 3X. “For the first time we went shopping at the same store,” she writes. “Thank you @anthropologie for making a beautiful size inclusive line. Our parents are getting some amazing Easter photos this year.”

In addition to this epic pic, the sisters posted an emotional fitting room try-on session video to YouTube in which they give an inside look at Anthropologie’s new plus-size pieces with pricing. And we’re so not crying, you’re crying.

With over 3,000 likes on Instagram, fans are loving the sweet photo shoot. “Finally! They were (as are many still) missing out on a wonderful demographic! Beautiful,” wrote @jmarron.southernutahrealtor.

Instagram user @marylanehaskell also shared her emotional reaction about the new line. “I used to starve myself to fit into their size 10/12 but ever since accepting my body at the size it wants to be I sort of said my goodbyes to their clothes and embraced only shopping there for home decor and beauty. Now that limitation is lifted and I’m just super in my feels about it.”

Anthropologie’s new plus size collection includes over a hundred styles in sizes 16W to 26W that are fun, charming, and romantic—all the qualities that make Anthropologie the whimsical brand that it is. “Each and every piece is thoughtfully tailored with women’s real proportions in mind,” says the company’s technical designer Karen Wilkins.

We’re loving that more fashion brands are being size inclusive, and we are living for the sisters’ stylish twinning moment. Interested in seeing what all the buzz is about? You can shop Anthropologie’s new plus size collection online here.

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